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This is Nervine Security E-commerce site, a selection of cutting the edge technologies, which they will greatly enforce strong authentication in your infrastructure.
The first innovative technology we present is SecurePass


Securepass is a bank of digital identities. Our mission is to provide secure, reliable, easy and affordable identity services to our customers.

Managing identities is an hard task for any organization. We want to relief you from this task, by acting as your trusted partner.
SecurePass aims to let your organization to securely authenticate your users through One Time Passwords on mobile or hardware devices. Your data is securely stored in protected data-centers and replicated in different European locations in real-time.We offer a strong auth SSO Identity Provider which is pure cloud based and no hardware of software installation.
It integrates with Active Directory or LDAP so that you can continue managing enterprise passwords the same way that you currently do but you also get a the strong auth option. It also has a radius interface so the same credentials work in VPN, firewalls, and other legacy systems. OTP, one time password, is a single strong credential that is supports all apps in public, private, hybrid, and pure enterprise spaces.

SecurePass Advantages

  • No IT infrastructure pains: no service to manage, more time for your IT to support your core business
  • No hidden costs: subscription based service
  • Pay as you use: we charge only provisioned users; unlimited devices/applications, unlimited domain/realms
  • Easy to integrate: adheres to internet standards that are well supported into devices, standard applications and programming frameworks
  • Swiss security and quality: we are proud to be from Switzerland and the legendary Swiss quality and security is always guaranteed and experienced in all aspects of our service
  • No lock-in: although we hope you enjoy our services, internet standards will let you decide to walk away whenever you want
  • Neutrality: SecurePass service is based in europe and privately held; we are not influenced by any vendor or countries